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Engine: 3.5L V6 Gasoline
Trans.: 6-Speed Auto Super ECT
Power: 268hp 170lb-ft Torque
Wheels: 18" (w/SecureBand System)
Tires: Bridgestone - 225/45 R18
VIN: 4T1BK1FK9FU556726
Color: Attitude Black Metallic
Interior: Black
Trim: Sport Ultrasuede Leather
Year: New
Height: 58 in. (147 cm)
Length: 190 in. (482 cm)
Width: 72 in. (182 cm)
Wheelbase: 109 in. (276 cm)
Weight (Armored): 5,140 lbs. (2,330 kg.)

ARMORING SPECS for THIS ARMORED Toyota Camry XSE... Level A9 (B6+)

  • Protection against high power rifles such as 7.62x39, 5.56x45, 7.62x51, M193, and M80 ball
  • Original glass is removed & replaced with certified multi-layered ballistic glass/polycarbonate
  • All opaque materials surrounding the passenger area are replaced with certified ballistic steel
  • Roof (at an angle) using ballistic steel (protection against DM51 grenade/fragmentation)
  • Floor (anti-mine protection including DM51 grenade/fragmentation) using ballistic steel
  • Additional areas of armoring are fuel tank, battery, and computer module
  • Additional protection for undercarriage & areas surrounding the radiator
  • A complete SecureBand System is installed in each tire
  • Patented designed armoring for firewall and wheel wells
  • Options Included:
      (2) Front Power Windows  P.A./Multi-Siren System  Intercom System
     Red/Blue Strobe Lights  Tailpipe Protection